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The First Intelligent Data Security Automation Platform

Swarm automates data protection while ensuring strict adherence to data security compliance, so you and your team don’t have to worry about your data security and loss.

We protect your data even if an attacker gets past other cyber-defenses and into your systems.

Our Innovative approach enhances data security adaptation within your team by focusing on hardening data level security while reducing reliance on people.

No more worrying about your data falling into the wrong hands. Our bees will automatically search data across multiple locations (USB’s, Hard drives, Cloud Drives etc.) without hassle and BUZZ your data with state of the art encryption. Our Bee’s will also backup the BUZZED data to a storage location of your choice.


Hide and Protect Data In-Motion DATA

While infrastructure security technologies like TSL, VPN, firewall, and others protect today’s data pipelines, the data itself remains vulnerable and unprotected.

Integrating INTACT™, into your application, will protect your data in motion. Just before your data is ready to be moved, INTACT™ will make your data “Transport Ready™” by protecting and privatizing it using our industry-leading patented technology. By making the data Transport Ready™, it is rendered unavailable and useless to a hacker.

INTACT™ can make any type of data (such as files, videos, voice, remote application commands etc.) “Transport Ready™” (ie. protected, privatized, and made compliance ready to be transported from one place to another), with our industry-leading patented technology by making the data useless and unavailable to a hacker.

Transport Ready™ can freely move through your infrastructure and at its destination, INTACT™ makes the data readily available to authenticated users and applications.


Unassailable Data Storage.

Hide your data and keep it safe from both internal and external threats. Despite strong security measures, even major corporations, governments, etc. are susceptible to having their data stolen or held for ransom.

Our industry-leading, patented HIVE technology protects and privatizes data from the usage point. First, it securely transports data from your application using INTACT™ to the HIVE where the data is made “Storage Ready” and stored in a distributed hive.

Second, AutnHive’s patented ledger-less HIVE technology hides and protects your data in storage by rendering it useless and invisible to hackers, malware, and internal threats. The Data can be retrieved from its Storage Ready™ sate only through the sole consent of the data owner.

Integrate HIVE to protect stored data and keep it private and in compliance.

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